Baronial A&S Championship

At the Fete of Freyja, shine before the gods in all your glory!

Arts & Sciences Champion Competition
Carraig Ban needs a new arts & sciences champion! In order to submit yourself to be the New A&S Champion of Carraig Ban, you must enter (though not necessarily win!) all three of the events below! Anyone may enter to win any of the competitions, but only those who enter all three may be considered for the A&S Champion!

Apocalypse Art
Anno Societatis LV (2020 C.E. and a bit) has truly been one of Apocalypse. Honor your conquered year with any art or craft honoring the triumph of having lived through the last year. This competition is meant to show off your skill, and documentation is required. All you must do are the following:

  • Create a new work in its entirety. Do not simply create an exact copy, or modify an older work. (Creating a replica of a dress from a painting is fine. Using characters from a plague illumination is fine. Re-creating an H. Bosch painting, beat for beat, while impressive, is not the structure of this competition.)
  • Express the theme of Apocalypse in some fashion, however you seek to interpret it in either modernity with period tactics or in period with modern tactics. (A 3-d print of a period-accurate plague mask would be fine. A modern mask with a painting re-creating characters from an H. Bosch painting would work.)
  • Document your work for judging. This competition is not just for judging the creativity, but also the skill. Given that so many different media might be used, and our judges might not be laurels in every single type of media used, please provide context for your work. Don’t be afraid to reach out to our organizers for advice or assistance in learning good documentation methods!

Some ideas that might help you in designing your project (these are not meant to be requests! Just ideas! If any inspires you, excellent~!):

  • A bound recipe book of foods eaten during historical times of trouble.
  • An illumination in period pigments of a modern trash bin on fire.
  • A detailed model of a pile of burning bodies in period clothing.
  • A Viking ship model, filmed while flaming on the water of a nearby lake in honor of those lost to Covid-19.
  • A research paper on plague cures in period.
  • A poem using stories in the Domesday Book as inspiration

Intentional Acts of Kindness
For this service-themed challenge, please enact kindness by

  1. Picking one person (or family) and creating for them something they need.
  2. Report briefly on the work and the selection.
  3. Be discreet and thoughtful about what you say.

The purpose of this challenge is to increase ease and joy in your fellow SCAdians. Try to identify your fellows’ needs. Does that newbie need a durable piece of basic garb? Get it to them. Does someone need help paying for a membership, and you have a little extra cash? Go and head and pay it forward. Do you know someone who’s just keeping their award scrolls in a drawer? Craft for them a decorated scroll case. Know a knight who put their back out? Shovel their sidewalk. Once you’ve delivered your service, write it up. Maybe a social media post, a photo, or just a paragraph sent to the judges.

Please do not “out” a family who might be financially struggling without their permission. Do not tell others about a SCAdian’s private health issues. Use tact, dignity, and honor above all. If your service is of a sensitive nature, anonymize your account. Discuss with your service recipient what they are comfortable for you to tell others.

The MOAS (THL Grainne) and Arts and Science Champion (Lady MAEVE?????) are here to help match givers of good works and those who have needs. If you have a need for improving your SCA experience, please contact THL Grainne, Lady Maeve, or the Chatelaine, Lord Kazuhiko. If you would like to enter this competition, but don’t want to go around asking folks what they need, the above three people will also help you find those who can benefit from your talents!

The Noble Art of Cat Barding
Freyja’s Chariot is pulled by Bygul and Trjegul, the giant blue faery cats of myth. Bygul means “bee-gold,” or “honey,” and Trjegul means “tree-gold,” or “amber.” These golden and blue cats deserve BARDING!

barding, n. 1. armoring or ornamenting, usually for a horse 2. the act of creating or performing verse poetry or song

Therefore! Please submit any single or combination of the following:

  • A photograph of your cat or catlike creature in armor of your own devisement
  • A photograph of armor created by you for a theoretical catlike creature
  • An illustration of planned armor for a cat or catlike creature


  • A poem or song in verse about a cat
  • A poem or song in verse SUNG BY A CAT


  • Any other creative interpretation of the words “cat” and “barding”