Classes and Activities

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A&S Competitions

There are three A&S competitions at Ragnarok Rampage, as well as the chance to become Carraig Ban A&S Champion. You can enter the contests individually OR all three in order to compete for the Championship.

Glamp Your Camp

The Barons are delighted to see everyone’s new set up! Pull out all the stops in order to please the Barons. There are prizes for the most excellent camp setups!


Ye Olde Poste Office Boxe
Lady Reishi
You wanna send some mail? Write your letter, put it in an envelope with the name of your intended recipient, and we will deliver it for you, with an official stamp of Ragnarok! For free, which is even better than our current Post Office System!

*Drop offs will be accepted at the drop off box, located at the Courtesans’ Stall, and all letters must be received before 1:30PM on Saturday, August 14th, 2021. Deliveries will be made later that afternoon.

Courtesans’ Stall
Lady Reishi and Bien-Venue La Riot
Open all day for elegance, aesthetic, and pleasures.

Ethereal Bardic with Hilla Stormbringer
Digital Bardic Friday night! Zoom link will be here and on the main page closer to event time.

Family-friendly In-Person Bardic
Hosted by Hilla Stormbringer
Saturday, around lunchtime, enjoy bardic games and friendly wit with your bardic community.


Schedule should be available by August 1st!

Introduction to Fibula and Workshop
Dame Nicolaa Halden
An introduction to fibula, a pin used from early times to fasten clothing. General information will be presented and each attendee will have the opportunity to make their own fibula. Learn about the history of and make a fibula, or medieval safety pin

The Bastard Who Wasn’t A Bastard aka King James
Bien-Venue la Riote
King James was such a dick.

The Real Red Wedding: St. Olga of Kiev, Badass
Bien-Venue la Riote
St. Olga’s story is bananas: murder then canonization.

In The Kitchen: Roundtable Kitchen Staff Hangout
Lady Reishi
Do you have interesting stories, information, or just want to learn how to be, or not to be, in a kitchen in the SCA? Come hang out with us! Not a formal grievance process, or a complete “How To” for Kitchen Staff, instead, it is a place to chat, to discuss best procedures and recipes and behaviors. Bring your stories, your favorite recipes, and your know how!

Conversation and Culture with the Courtesans.
Bien-Venue La Riot
Learn about poise and class with the courtesans. Practice coquetry and wit.

Creating Drawn Threadwork Edging for Italian Chemise
Arrienne Ashford
There are a few portraits that show an edging of ‘X’s along the collar of a chemise. I have recreated that edging using drawn thread work. This is a hands-on class showing how I created that edging.

Breaking the ICE
Oswyn of Baðon
Lessons learned and things to think about when making an “In Case of Elevation” document & why everyone should do one.

Novice HEMA
Adrian Raczak
Introductory Historical European Martial Arts.

Landsknecht Persona
Ehrenfried Schertenleib
In this class we will discuss the German Pike Mercenaries: Landsknecht. Who were they? Why did they fight? How to portray them in the SCA, on or off the field.

Learning about and Gambling with Noddy
Marilyn Holt
Hands on Learning the rules and playing the game of Noddy (one of the precursors to Cribbage) From Rules redacted from the original source.

Basic Games of Chance to be Played at Events
Marilyn Holt
Learn to play Tee-totom, Knuckle Bones, Gluckhaus, Dice, Knock 31 &  Sticks, and understand the basics of games of chance.

Get Ready with a Tudor Lady
Marianna Mantegna y Tasso
In this class you’ll be up front and personal with Marianna as she gets ready in full Tudor garb. You’ll get to see and learn all the parts of a Tudor lady’s wardrobe. We will go over how to get dressed, the different parts, and Marianna’s experience in making and wearing Tudor garb.

Creating A Japanese Kumhimo Braid
Lady Isabella Canter
This class will touch briefly on the history of Kumihimo, the supplies for creating a braid and then will move on to create a basic flat braid. You will, also, receive information on how to finish and use a completed braid.  All supplies will be provided and you will get to take it with you at the end of class to complete your project. There will be supplies for 10 people, you may still join the class if you do not wish to purchase supplies.
Class Fee:  $5.

Attempting to Not Die in a Japanese Battle
Baron Honda Heihachiro
Learn about the parts, history, and functions of Japanese armor from from the rise of bakufu to the end of the sengoku period.


Traditional Treasures