Martial Activities

Boar Hunt in Honor of our Patron, Freyja!

Armored Fighting

Pig And a Poke: The pig has been hunted, and the party is bringing it back home when the hunters start quarreling over who gets to claim glory! Glory can only go to the winner of the 9-foot-pole-tug-of-war. In addition to securing the pig, there are other great bouts of spear and staff, in addition to all the other good ol’ fashioned thumping activities!

Table fight! We might be a little in our cups, and harsh words have been spoken, and now we’re fighting our rude table mates!


Two hour bear-pit: Buuut, save plenty of energy for the…

Torchlight Tourney: Armored and then rapier will both have the chance to clash under the stars in a nighttime tourney.


Thegn’s Treasure Tourney / Rapier Tournament of Honors: Currently, Carraig Ban lacks a Fencing champion. Those wishing to serve in a role of honor and renown have the opportunity to show their skill and mettle. Even if you are not a native of Carraig Ban*, you can still be our Fencing Champion!

But, what’s more: Thegn Samii has offered a bounty for the most prow fencer on the list! The first 40 minutes of the tournament will be an open list; grab a partner and do up to 3 passes with them. Best 2 of three with the winner reporting to the list. Repeat until the 40 minutes has ended. The top 4 fencers with the most passes will be randomly paired for the semi-final bouts, then the winners from that seed will fight to determine the winner of the tournament, which will be announced in Court later that evening.

*To be considered as a contender for the Fencing Champion of Carraig Ban, combatants must either be a resident of Carraig Ban or from a Shire in the Midrealm. The Fencing Champion may not be selected on prowess alone, but may also be considered based on their comportment on the list and their franchise. You do not have to be the best fencer to be the Barony’s Champion. Fencers who wish to be considered for this honor are strongly encouraged to do passes with Thegn Samii during the tournament since he will be on the list.

Freyja’s Dance: A Round-Robin Hostage Tourney: Each round-robin bout will consist of two passes. In the first pass, Combatant A will control the hostage (a life-size stuffed dummy); in the second pass, Combatant B will control the hostage.

Hostages wish to escape. Therefore, the combatant must maintain direct control of the hostage in some fashion at all times.
A dead hostage is of no value to anyone. Therefore, regardless of who is controlling the hostage, if your blade touches the hostage, you instantly lose!
You may ransom the hostage by offering to fight with a handicap – off-hand, minus a limb, etc.
Your opponent is not required to accept the ransom.
If a ransom is accepted, the hostage is set aside off the list for the pass.
Normal fencing rules and safety apply to ransoms – i.e., no fighting blindfolded, etc.

Cloak and dagger tourney: Bring a cloak. Bring a dagger. Find ways to end your opponent

King’s Justice, Queen’s Bounty: A Face-Card Challenge Tourney: Both combatants draw a card from the deck; face cards drawn affect both combatants.
King: Win the bout, get 2 points instead of 1
Queen: Win the bout, get 1 point and award 1 point to any other fighter on the field
Jack: Win the bout, get 1 point; lose the bout, lose 1 point

If both draw face cards but of different ranks, both conditions apply (i.e., a King and a Queen are drawn; winner gets 2 points and awards 1 to any other fighter)
If both draw face cards of the same rank, it only counts once (i.e., both draw Queens, only 1 point to be awarded to someone else)
A double kill in a bout with a face card condition will be refought
All other cards: Win the bout, get 1 point
Winners report points to the list. Cards will be reshuffled as needed.


Wand shoot: Engage in this Mongol training style, and try to get your Robin Hood on to shoot the sticks.

Make Your Feast: Not to be outdone, the archers of Carraig Ban and their visiting compatriots have a hunt of their own to accomplish! Join us in capturing birds, piglets, and other small targets to decorate the Baron’s buffet! Hunt the pig, win the gig!

Balloon Army: defend against the incoming horses of the vicious Balloons in their ever-increasing number

Youth Monster Mash: Shoot monsters. Perhaps mash them. Young archers only!

Targets are classic monsters: zombie, vampire, werewolf and Frankenstein’s monster.
Frankenstein’s monster scoring will be 1 points for arm or leg, 3 points for body, 5 points for head.
Zombie scoring will be 3 points for leg, 1 point for arm or body, 5 points for head.
Vampire scoring will be 1 point for arm or leg, 2 points for body, 5 points for head, 10 points for heart (with the heart being a roughly 2 inch wide by 3 inch tall oval)
Werewolf will be 1 point for arm or leg, 2 points for body, 5 points for head.

Of course as we all know, certain monsters are vulnerable to certain effects, as such, a variety of “modifications” will be available for arrows. Modifications available are: Fire, Silver, and Holy Water.
Archers choose their “modification” prior to each end.
The “modifications” boost scoring or allow scoring as follows:
Unmodified arrows don’t score on werewolf.
Unmodified arrows only score heart shots on the vampire.
Silver gives double points on werewolf.
Holy water gives double points on vampire and zombie.
Fire gives double points on Frankenstein’s monster.

Shoot will be 4 ends; 6 arrows each end

Royal round archery shoot: Standard shoot with counted points.

There will be special challenges from visiting nobility from Atlantia! Be prepared for their strange and foreign ways.

Thrown Weapons

Thrown weapons targets will be available, with friendly competition and tests of skill.


The prizes for each of the noble acts on the field may or may not be edible.