Safety and Accessibility

Kleidung widder den Todt: Anno 1656

Although the SCA complies with all applicable laws to ensure the health and safety of our event participants, we cannot eliminate the risk of exposure to infectious diseases during in-person events. By participating in the in-person events of the SCA, you acknowledge and accept the potential risks. You agree to take any additional steps to protect your own health and safety and those under your control as you believe to be necessary.

The Barony of Carraig Ban and Ragnarok Rampage is held in compliance with all SCA, Kingdom of the Middle, and Illinois safety policies, laws, and recommendations. Where this web site and those policies differ, those policies will be ones we follow. However, this page will give you a sense of what the event will look like and how it will differ from a typical SCA event. Please refer to,, and for more details.

Coronavirus-related Precautions

Per Their Majesties’ announcement on August 4, 2021:

We are requiring masks for everyone attending any SCA indoor activities or events, including people who have been vaccinated. There will be no exceptions granted to this requirement. Your masks must be worn properly, always covering the nose and mouth and must be well fitting. Indoors is defined as four walls and a roof, this includes a tent.

Therefore, Ragnarok Rampage requires that all attendees wear masks inside of buildings and while underneath any event-provided tent, sunshade, or other “four walls and a roof.” Masks are not required while there is open sky above your head. Please contact us with any questions or specific needs.

Staff of Ragnarok Rampage cannot and will not ask you to disclose your vaccine status, but you are welcome to disclose that information, like any other medical information. To find out how to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, visit your local health department’s website, ask your medical provider, or contact your local pharmacy.

As of July 1 guidance, camping is now permitted at Ragnarok Rampage. Friday and Sunday are also digital days of the event, including the broadcast of several events on Saturday. We encourage elaborate camps, and even have a competition to Glamp Your Day Camp. Please make sure you have comfortable camp swag, including shade, chairs, and your own food and drink. Please see Site for more information.

Ragnarok Rampage will not have a feast, lunch, or other meals, per COVID-19 restrictions. The Barony of Carraig Ban will have individual water bottles for anyone who needs them, and may have individual packaged foods, pending restrictions being lifted. HOWEVER, all attendees should plan to bring their own food for their day camp. Unfortunately, all shared foods are currently prohibited. Please do not create hospitality tables, invite others to supper or lunch, or otherwise share open food with people not in your day camping group.

That said! While there is no feast, there will be a scheduled feasting hour, reserved for folks to take supper with their camp. During this time, the Barons shall travel to view each camp for the Glamp Your Day Camp competition.

Pre-registration is required for attendance as of event planning. Pre-registration can be as late as the night before the event, Thursday, August 12, 2021. Pre-registration can be done via mail, email, digital portal, and even telephone. Visit the Registration page for more information.

There is an indoor space on site, with plumbing / flushing toilets. This building cannot be used for event features, but is available as a safety valve for cases of overheating and similar issues. There is a refrigerator if medicine needs to be refrigerated, but it cannot be used to store foods. There will be chilled, individually bottled water available throughout the day.


On site there will be regularly available transit via golf cart. This is reserved for those with mobility issues or suffering from acute needs. When not in service, able passengers will be permitted, but please be conscientious of the cart’s primary purpose. If you need transportation on site, flag down any staff member to contact accessibility service. The site is relatively small, so waiting should be minimal.

The first row of court will be reserved for deaf and hard of hearing attendees, as well as those who are summoned into court with mobility difficulties.

There are two plumbed bathrooms in the site building that are available for use. Additionally, there will be two portable toilets on site, one standard size and one larger. None of these four toilets will be gender-restricted. All bathrooms will be stocked with toilet paper, menstruation products, and sanitizer.

The event is an outdoor event, and as such, most animals are welcome. Service animals, legally defined as dogs and miniature ponies, registered as such, are specifically welcome. Well-behaved dogs, cats, birds, and other small animals are welcome, but attendees take full responsibility for their animals’ safety and behavior. Be respectful of other attendees who may not enjoy being around your animal. All animals must be appropriately restrained while attending the event (leashes, cages, held, etc.). If you have a specific question about animal handling at Ragnarok Rampage, please contact the head of Security and Accessibility and Security, Lady Elisabeta Fischer at

The Barony of Carraig Ban will facilitate a quiet and calm space suitable for people who are overstimulated, need to meditate or practice religious observance, breast/chest-feed children, or otherwise simply need quiet. This space may not be air conditioned, but it will be shaded and have water provided. If you are in need of air conditioning for health related reasons, please ask any staff member for assistance.

Several marked parking spots will be provided near Gate.

If you have an accessibility or safety concern not mentioned here, please contact the Head of Accessibility and Security, Lady Elisabeta Fischer at


Ragnarok is a smaller event, with very little worry about security. However, in the event that an issue of security arises, or you have concerns, please speak with any staff member. They can help direct you to the appropriate person.

In the event that two or more attendees are in conflict, the event stewards and Baronial Seneschal will arbitrate for the purpose of the event. If the arbitration does not succeed, the event stewards and Baronial Seneschal have the right to remove any participant from the premises of the event without refund.

In the event that a crime is committed or accused, the appropriate authorities will be notified. That said, the event staff is sensitive to the modern climate of police distrust, and will be on hand to ensure that police are acting in an ethical fashion.

If you experience an emergency situation, every effort will be made to get you the form of assistance that you will most need.

Nearest Hospital:
KSB Hospital
403 E 1st St, Dixon, IL 61021