Site is open from Friday, August 13th at 2PM
Sunday, August 15th at 12 PM.

All guests must be off site by 12PM on Sunday, sharp.

Gate hours:
Friday: 2PM-5PM
Saturday: 9AM-3PM
Sunday: no gate

Elks Page Park
Ogle County, Illinois
Address: 7883 S Lowell Park Rd, Dixon, IL 61021
GPS coordinates for Gate: 41.905570643637404, -89.48464305009225

Entrance to Elks Page Park

Note: Elks Page Park has been the site of Ragnarok Rampage for many years now. It is a “soft” dry site with no alcoholic beverages permitted inside the on-site buildings. Alcohol drinking should be done within your own camp. Please take your alcohol refuse (bottles, cardboard boxes, etc) with you.

Site rendering by Sata (Please note it is not to scale, but is intended to give a general idea of where activities are in relation to site. Also: There are no sharks in the river. We think.)

Until July 1st, camping was prohibited for SCA events as part of COVID-19 restrictions. Those restrictions have since been lifted. Thus, camping IS ALLOWED at Ragnarok Rampage 2021.

Camping is typically situated in the area surrounded by blue in the image below, on the North side of the road, and between the two lines of trees.

Food restrictions are still in place, so please remember to bring your own supplies and do not share outside of your own camping group. And remember to Glamp Your Camp to impress the Barons and win fabulous prizes!

The site will have two portalets, one of which is accessible and a sanitation station. There are two flushing bathrooms in the building, which will be open and available. There are also changing tents provided on site for garb changes in the day. All of these are gender neutral and inclusive, and will be stocked with sanitation and menstruation products (with thanks to SCA Period Heroes).

There will be a place to dispose of most trash, but please take all alcohol-related garbage with you off site.


If you wish to have a fire, unfortunately, you must bring an above-ground fire pit. Even then, in dry conditions, fires may not be permitted. You can use portable holes, Tiki-style torches, and other similar single-hole-making setups. Please exercise wisdom and fire safety, and sure you have a method for extinguishing any fires you produce, as there is not an easy way to get water or extinguishers to you quickly. Remember that most modern tents are very incendiary.


Pets are generally allowed in the outdoor areas of Ragnarok, with a notable exception being horses that are not service animals. Dogs, cats, and small creatures that are typically pets are welcome provided they are leashed and well-behaved. Animals will also not be permitted in the building unless they are a registered service animal. “Well-behaved” includes things like barking, jumping on folks, and any aggressive behavior. The event steward and barony seneschal have the right to remove any animal and owner who are acting outside of these guidelines.